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T. W. Graham Solomon WAR reports with Fort Hood

Rd-blog-number-3970 by Herb Zinser reviews  Nature’s  organic chemistry continuum and Nature’s biochemistry molecular structures  …and their formation of a military alliance .. and their military expression action at Fort Hood, Texas  ………… against the INTELLECTUAL ERRORS  and perception errors made by American citizens in violation of  the Constitution of the United States  …that was designed […]

Carbon 12 isotopes WAR with the Earth’s magnetic field

RD-blog-number-3975 by Herb Zinser reviews the EARTH WAR battle that took place in the EARTH North Pole magnetic field geography location of Fer = Ferrous oxide IRON atoms in Fer = the mathematical-physics infer and logic applications region in Fer = Ferguson, Missouri  …. that is a super-symmetry applications MIRROR for Fer = FermiLAB iron […]