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The EARTH hydrocarbon continuum computer science platform with MILITARY molecule frequency KHZ

RD-blog-number 5154  by Herb Zinser reviews newspaper  battle casualty reports about  Nature’s systems WAR with  human communities and their SOCIAL SCIENCE  errors  in their  usage of page technology and other things.   Let’s look at another blog post that outlines the situation with some data EVENTS  …then we will finish with the COMPUTER EARTH system […]

Darwinian diesel fuel molecular selection process – DEATH equation of Germanwings and others

Rd-blog-number-4996 by Herb Zinser reviews the SYMBOL MACHINE  keyword –> Diesel fuel. The atomic symbols used by  Nature’s hydrocarbon organic chemistry  MILITARY molecule  are …. The DEATH command  keyword  –> Diesel –> Die + sel –>  die/death  selection system of the organic  molecule continuum  ……. which is Nature’s  base operating platform  upon which 2-legged humans […]